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He carries out his activities in all sectors: private enterprise, public enterprises (ministries,etc.), semi-public enterprise, multinational enterprise, law firm, doctor’s office, public secretariat (self-employment), etc.

The scope of this role includes among others the execution of secretarial tasks such as the seizure and presentation of documents (letters, notes, reports, etc.), the opening and distribution of letters, the archiving of documents, the keeping of the agenda of the Director General, the organization of meetings and the keeping of cash accounts.

His work can be summarised as follows: Welcoming and guiding visitors or correspondents; Carrying out tasks using office automation applications; Designing/presenting written and visual documents; Sorting, searching and filing documents; Managing mails and documentation; Organising meetings and holding activity schedules and agendas; Writing professional writings; Handling language and expressing oneself in professional jargon (English/French); Maintaining day-to-day accounting; Ensuring administrative follow-up in various departments.

The holder of the diploma in “Bilingual Office Secretarial Services” may initially work in the reception or information service within an SME and later move to a position of Secretary/Executive Assistant in a service company, industrial or commercial company, or in firms or consulting agencies.

The bilingual secretary translates and interprets the various documents exchanged (letters, emails, etc.) as well as conversations in foreign languages (during meetings, for example). He also handles the telephone switchboard and takes special care of calls from abroad.

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