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A training in this field leads to the mastery of the multiple applications of refrigeration, from the preservation of food products to the processes of transformation and elaboration of products: metallurgical industries, textiles, plastics, health, comfort in large groups.

Acquire skills related to the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of residential and light commercial heaters, and familiarize with air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The first step, of a general nature, allows the student to become familiar with residential heating systems. The second and third stages, which are more specialized, deal with heating and refrigeration.

Throughout the program, the student spends about half of his/her training in the workshop doing practical work. Basic and applied courses in electricity, professional communication, science and numeracy are also offered.

Job opportunities: Cold and Air Conditioning Supervisors; Climate Maintenance Technician; Marine Refrigerator; Cold and Air Conditioning repairer ; Cold and Air Conditioning Technician; Refrigeration Plant Operator; Air Conditioning Service Technician; Climate and Refrigeration System Maintenance Mechanic; Refrigerator Fitter/Convenience Store; Cold and Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Technician; Cold and Air Conditioning Maintenance Team Leader; Air Filtration System Maintenance Technician

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