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What Our Experts and Consultants Notice:

  1. Companies are experiencing a growing crisis of skilled workers!
  2. Students feel the need for hands-on training to meet employers’ demands!
  3. Students complete their study projects and lack work experience to find a job or self-employment!
  4. One of the challenges of large companies today is to find plurilingual workers!

In view of the above-noted shortcomings, we have given ourselves a simple yet ambitious mission, to equip ourselves with the necessary means, to give secondary school graduates, university graduates and those already in the field, purely practical training based on ultra-sophisticated tools so that our students meet the needs of national and international employers – To do this, we have set up a centre dedicated to practical training called, CYP CANADA.

In view of our objectives, we have put in place a flexible action plan, able to adapt and undertake new projects according to the needs of our students and the job market.

Our training method is inspired by the observations made in the field by our experts and consultants and needs expressed by students and employers. That is why, we are particularly determined to set up purely practical training on practical cases identified with large companies and practiced on state-of-the-art and futuristic tools.

We have also set ourselves the goal of making young children in kindergarten and elementary school, perfectly bilingual (write and speak French and English fluently), feel comfortable to apply for any bilingual job upon completion of their secondary school, which is a great asset in the job market today – That’s why, we have set up our online tuition courses in French and English – children can attend from their home, wherever they are and at their convenient time.

We make available to our students, online training provided by renowned partner schools located abroad, to distinguish them in the job market in order to provide to companies, quality products unique of its kind.

Our students also benefit from quick access to major schools abroad if they intend to further their education.

We promote equity, diversity, inclusion, sustainable development and access to quality hands-on training.

Our courses are aimed for the following classes of students:

  • Beginners (high school graduates)
  • University students (Bachelor’s degree , HND, Master’s degree , etc.)
  • Workers
  • Elementary students in Canada and abroad, for the online tuition in French and English


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