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The MD profession consists of visiting pharmacists, doctors, general practitioners and/or specialists in their office or in the hospital in order to present on behalf of the pharmaceutical laboratories, the specialties they produce and thus encourage them to prescribe them.

The MD is a medical informant. He is the medical representative and a medical informant. He is the spokesman for the pharmaceutical company that employs him and that he represents. His role is to present new drugs marketed by his laboratory to doctors or hospitals, to inform and demonstrate the effectiveness of the drug to encourage the doctor to prescribe it.

The MD is not a drug vendor. However, he must be a good salesman and master all communication techniques. He must be able to demonstrate the virtues of the drug, describe its composition, contraindications, side effects and instructions for use. He must therefore know the products he sells professionally. To this end, he must therefore have a certain scientific background.

Indeed, the medical delegate can evolve, either towards a commercial branch, that is to say he becomes a medical assistant, and subsequently a self-manager, or towards marketing, where he can become product manager and then director. It is worth noting that many medical laboratory directors began their careers as medical delegates.

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