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Building electricity can be seen as a set of systems linked to the work of installing and commissioning electrical equipment in buildings, according to safety rules. These buildings can be for domestic, tertiary and even industrial use. He carries out all the work of electrical installations for the distribution and connection of electrical appliances in industrial buildings, housing and offices.

The activity is mainly linked to low voltage (BTA domain). In this program, you will learn how to install, repair, modify and maintain circuits, electrical and electronic systems and communication networks on building machinery in the manufacturing, industrial, institutional and housing sectors.

You will also learn how to interpret standards and plans as well as how to solve malfunctions.
Electricians work for construction or renovation companies, building maintenance companies.

His work can be summarized as follows: Organizing the site. Installing the ducts in the grooves; Fixing the supports and accessories of the equipment; Installing conductors and cables; connecting the various conductors/cables; Installing the electrical equipment and appliances; Carrying out the grounding; Powering up the installation; Troubleshooting the electrical installation.

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