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The person exercising this profession is responsible for the operation of computer equipment and software and the installation and securing, maintenance and rapid troubleshooting of computer equipment, technical assistance to users. It is called upon to solve technical problems that may arise during the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer equipment.

In the IT department of a company or in a DSC (digital services company) he is responsible for the management and maintenance of hardware and software. He also trains users, for example to help them understand how a new software works
A good knowledge of computer languages is essential, as well as a knowledge of English in order to consult the necessary documentation often written in this language.

His work is summarized as follows: Installing computer equipment; Installing operating systems and applications; Maintaining the proper functioning of equipment; Repairing or replacing defective elements; Setting up and administering a local area network; Using communication techniques and tools and monitoring customers; Acquiring computer and Internet skills.

Job prospects
• Maintenance technician,
• Team leader,
• IT cell maintenance manager,
• IT Consultant,
• Distributor of computer equipment,
• Head of IT and office maintenance.
• Hardware department salesperson.
• Support-Helpdesk technician.

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