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Industrial electricity is a vast subject with different specialties and fields of application. It is also possible to speak of pure electrotechnics or electromechanics. An orientation mainly based on manufacturing and troubleshooting through maintenance or modification of operation.

The industrial electrician is responsible for installing, controlling and troubleshooting electrical installations within an industrial environment. His role is therefore very important in the operation of factories because he makes it possible to maintain the machines and buildings of a site in good working order.

The industrial electrician works in industrial companies such as automotive manufacturing, energy production, steel, chemicals, transport, construction or distribution of electrical equipment, such as AIR LIQUID, HYDRAC, CFAO, UCB, MAYOR, SABC, PASTA, etc.

The industrial electrician ensures the installation and commissioning of electrical equipment within a factory; Monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipment; Standardizing the various installations; Interpreting the electrical diagrams and the various plans; Installing and connecting electrical cabinets. His mission is carried out in an industrial environment.

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