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The work consists of ensuring the proper functioning of an information system and a computer park of a company. The scope of action includes, among other things, the installation, maintenance and security of the computer network and the rapid troubleshooting of identified problems.

The maintenance of the computer network makes it possible to adjust the network and its configuration according to changes: application or hardware uses, changes in the number of employees, software updates. Network managed services are also intended to ensure the security of data at all times.

His work is summarized as follows: Installing computer equipment; Installing operating systems and applications; Using operating systems and applications; Designing a computer network; Setting up a computer network; Administering and managing a computer network; Troubleshooting a computer network.

The Diploma of Technician in Maintenance and Networks offers the opportunity to the student, to develop computer skills of good level in order to intervene in maintenance, networks and NICT, but also in the exploitation of computer resources in the design and production process of the industry. Thanks to practical training, obtained by learning a trade, he will be able to adapt his computer skills to the particularities of his various fields.

Job prospects:
• Support Technician,
• IT fleet manager,
• Head of workshops,
• After-Sales Service Manager,
• Department Seller,
• Customer Advisor,
• Help Desk technician, etc.

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