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A webmaster administers a website. Depending on the size of the company, the webmaster can be in charge of a website from the moment it is designed, participate in technological choices and their deployment, and take care of updating its content. He may also analyze the site’s audience using specialized tools. The webmaster is therefore primarily responsible for his website.

The webmaster is responsible for updating the site and ensuring its improvement. In this context, depending on the size of the site, he is responsible for coordinating the action of his various technical contacts: developers, web designers or graphic designers. He also manages the hosting of the site. The webmaster can work in a digital strategy agency, a communication agency or a web agency. He can also work for a single company and only take care of their site.
However, many webmasters practice as freelancers with the status of micro-entrepreneur most often.

• Area of expertise: Mastery of web architectures and accessibility issues
• Content security concepts.
• Good mastery of languages and development tools…
• Mastery of office and web editing tools (HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, PHP, Photoshop…)

Job prospects:
Opportunities are relatively large, as many businesses need someone who is competent and effective.
It turns out that many websites or access portals are not properly conceived, due to lack of funding or knowledge. As a result, it can also be beneficial for a professional to sell to companies whose sites seem difficult to update or access.
On the other hand, online companies easily recruit webmasters who already have good experience in the profession. These are the communication agencies, the first to have recourse to a competent professional.

There may also be employment with internet service providers or in web agencies. These offer very advantageous positions for the webmaster. He gets an executive posture with an attractive salary.

The multiplicity of his skills can lead him to evolve into editors, or even technical director. Some, having acquired a very good level, will become project managers

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