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The purpose of this specialty is to train technicians capable of assisting foreign trade operations in the preparation and execution of import and export operations. They will also be able to carry out the formalities of customs clearance of goods and obtain from the Customs Administration, on behalf of economic operators, advantages and privileges provided for by customs legislation and regulations. This course aims to familiarize the student with the workings of the customs system in Cameroon. It makes it capable of verifying the clearance of goods, carrying out the complete clearance process with ease and preparing documents and carrying out the complete export process with ease using:
• of the various laws concerning the customs clearance of goods
• of the different forms
• practical work and exercises
• of a computerized workstation
• practical and theoretical examples
• scenarios and simulations
The opportunities are as follows:
o Approved customs commissioner ;
o Declarant in transit companies and approved customs brokerage companies ;
o Foreign Service Managers in Commercial Banks
o Head of Transit Department (Road-Sea-Air)
o Customs Department Manager
o Transit managers in Public Administrations; Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations; commercial, service and production companies.

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