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The customs declarant is the person who prepares the administrative documents that allow the import or export of goods. The occupation of customs declarant is to ensure the passage of goods across borders on behalf of a company. As a specialist in regulations governing imports and exports, the customs declarant provides customs officers with the documents necessary for transport between countries. The customs declarant should be rigorous, calm, diplomatic with customers and customs. He must know how to listen.
Why have a customs declarant?

The declarant shall ensure that everything is in order. His role is to provide the interface between the transit and accounting services of client companies and customs. In certain cases and in particular when requested by the customs, the declarant himself carries out the physical check of the goods. It is understood that he knows customs legislation and transit techniques at his fingertips. The declarant knows that the slightest mistake can result in heavy penalties.

Job opportunities are as follows:
The declarant may be employed in the transit or customs department of a transport company, by a customs-approved freight forwarder or transport auxiliary. He has to travel frequently, especially to be present, at the border during the clearance of goods and his schedule depends on the availability of the customs administration.

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