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The work consists of identifying computer needs, participating in software analysis, program design and implementation. As a programming specialist, the application developer has become indispensable for all companies wishing to deploy on mobile. Thanks to his mastery of programming languages, he creates one or more smartphone and tablet applications for his customers. A trendy job requires great versatility.
IT developers can evolve into technical experts, managers or even sales representatives. The jobs of IT manager or project manager are also open to them.
The job of a mobile application developer is to design an application in its entirety or to adapt existing software to make it usable on mobile. His work is based on specifications submitted by his client or proposed by him. The application developer can evolve in a wide variety of sectors: commerce, health, transport, banking… and create applications for many uses such as logistics management, sales, leisure, etc.

The mobile app developer is passionate about new technologies and IT. They must be able to train themselves continuously and anticipate language changes. Creative and stress-resistant, he is responsible for problem solving. He must find effective solutions quickly and correct any errors. Autonomy, imagination, responsiveness, listening, rigour, precision and logic are essential qualities for the job of developing mobile applications.

His work can be summarized as follows: Identifying IT solution needs; Participating in the drafting of software specifications; Designing the software to be built; Designing databases according to specifications; Programming each module; Testing and integrating modules;

What are the upcoming professions?

 DevOps (Developer Contraction and Operations) is a hybrid profile that brings together the tasks of the developer and the system administrator.
 Front-end Developer
 Backend Developer
 Full Stack Developer
 Web/mobile developer;
 Tester

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