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The role of the office secretary is to take over administrative tasks within a company, or in any organisation, whether private or public. The functions of the office secretary are therefore diverse, but these depend mainly on the size of the structure for which he works. If the latter is small, then the office secretary becomes the privileged interlocutor. Indeed, in these cases, his tasks will not only be administrative, but will also consist in the physical reception and telephone communication of visitors, customers, as well as external service providers. His work can be summarized as follows : Managing telephone calls; Receiving, writing, and transmitting mails and emails; Welcoming and communicating with users ; Managing information ; Managing the mails ; filing and archiving documents ; Organizing activities ; Maintaining the agenda of his department and his hierarchy ; Organizing meetings and ensuring the taking of notes and then writing the minutes.
The qualities required to be an office automation secretary are:
• The capacity to organise and manage priorities
• People skills
• Ability to adapt
• Ability to take initiatives
Note: knowledge of a foreign language is significant in this sector, especially for large companies communicating internationally.
In addition to his organizational qualities, the office secretary must be able to demonstrate great versatility, as the trade also requires strong administrative and office skills:
• know and master computer science (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Internet
• have a perfect mastery of the written and oral French language
• know how to prioritize and classify documents
• know how to communicate quickly and effectively
Why train as an office automation secretary? He manages the schedule of his manager and is also the effective coordinator of his manager’s meetings. The office automation secretariat is the training that allows the student to be the true right-hand man of his/her supervisor

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