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In this program, the student will learn how to install, modify, repair and maintain the plumbing and heating systems, while maintaining the piping of the water supply and drainage networks in good condition through good practice on existing sites

The student will also learn how to work on piping and components for hydropic, steam, forced air, oil, radiant, natural gas and propane heating systems. New technologies such as geothermal and solar energy are also relevant in this area.
Plumbing and heating training is offered online and face-to-face. It will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and practice to prepare you for the jobs of Plumber, Pipe Maker and Heater Installer.
After the training, the student will most likely work on a job site. He raises, repairs and maintains the upstream water pipes.

While using evolving techniques, the plumber-sanitary installer profession retains a practical and specific aspect in the implementation of different materials (PVC, copper, steel, stainless steel pipes,etc.)

Its work can be summarized as follows: Laying the piping path; laying the piping; Commissioning; installing the sanitary appliances; connecting the appliances; Maintaining and maintaining the network.

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