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He works in the field of graphic creation (vector software, image processing; website creation) – so you can easily accomplish both the more traditional projects of your customers (logo, stationery, brochure, poster, advertising, etc.), as well as those that use new technologies (website, 2D animation, web banners, etc.). At the end of this training, you can be autonomous and create your business. His role is to create visuals, animations or graphics for various multimedia media. To do this, he uses specific programming tools and software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

He is responsible for the visual creation of various types of documents, for example: newspapers, books and journals, all using the computer software or tools. The work also includes making models, mixing text and images as well as visual animation.
His work can be summarized as follows: Defining aesthetic and graphic choices; Making technical reproductions; Carrying out typographical and layout work; Carrying out illustrated and digitized representations; making media for the web and multimedia.

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